More Randomness [UPDATED]

Some sites:

You can find a list of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan here.

You can find all of the possible impeachment charges against the criminal President Bush here. IMPEACH NOW!

You can find a list on “one-sentence stories” here. Very addicting!

Now for some random pictures found across the interweb!



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41 Responses to “More Randomness [UPDATED]”

  1. American Atheists Says:

    You are a very ignorant and stubborn person.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Who is ignorant and stubborn, exactly?

  3. Swiss Ahteist Says:

    Is it allowed to kick you in your balls?^^

  4. Shawn Says:

    Wait, wait, wait! I think there’s a misunderstanding here!

    I posted the “Atheist” image because it’s ironic and funny! I’m a liberal — can’t you tell from the other images I posted?? It’s making fun of wacko Christians!!

    It’s supposed to funny, people!

  5. a random teen atheist. Says:

    I got the joke and laughed! it is funny!
    (do I win the prize?)

  6. Shawn Says:

    You do win the prize! I’ll have to think of what prize it is, of course…

  7. another random teen atheist Says:

    I also got the joke an laughed! it is also funny to me!
    (do i win prize #2?) (mybe it has to do with the teen thing)

  8. Shawn Says:

    Of course, but I haven’t thought of prize #1 yet.

    You have both restored my faith in American (?) education!

  9. me Says:

    i got the joke and i liked it. i’m an athesit.

  10. Xiltaii Says:

    Atheist suck. Agnostics are better. Not like I’m declaring myself an agnostic, though.

  11. Shawn Says:

    Why do they suck exactly, Xiltaii? What do you care what other people think?

  12. megs Says:

    to Xiltaii- Thats stupid to say you think something is better than something else and then deny it… thats like saying salad sucks, hamburgers are better…not that i eat meat or anything…duh
    to Shawn- i totally got the atheist pic thing…go atheists!

  13. Steph Says:

    This is fabulous.
    I found this via google.
    Rock on, man.

  14. ReconTeam Says:

    Atheism is retarded.

  15. British Atheist Says:

    Hilarious – atheists are openly persecuted the world over, don’t worry it isn’t just you. Made me chuckle. Check the website above to see what the Brits are up too….

  16. Anonymous Says:

    May Death Harvest You.

  17. Tommy29 Says:

    Thanks be to GOD im an Atheist. Very Funny

  18. Virginia Atheist Says:

    Upon typing in ‘atheist’ in google I was afraid that the above cartoon was a legitimate anti-atheist cartoon. Though, even before knowing its satirical nature I couldn’t help but laugh!
    Oh, and ReconTeam, at least I wouldn’t stoop to calling you retarded.

  19. A Comment From A Reader « Zalandria Says:

    […] From A Reader Tuesday, 16 December 2008 — Shawn I recently received an email concerning an earlier image post. Here is the […]

  20. awsome american atheist Says:

    i typed in atheist on google and wat do i find? first i looked at it wondering why somone would put this disgusting picture on here. but the only response i had to myself was a slight chukle then i busted out lauphing beacuse i finally got the joke. so here is my chukle. ha ha

  21. ln Says:

    Why do the more self-important among atheists get their panties in a bunch all the damn time? “WAAAH! They’re joking about us again! They used the word ‘god’ again!” Grow a spine, you morons…

    @Shawn: I don’t really know what to say about your post. It starts with dead soldiers and war crimes, then suddenly turns funny. What gives? “Randomness” is right. ;p

  22. Afganistani atheist Says:


    i believe only what i see, even though i don’t know what is much further outside of my own solar system or if there is life on other planets.

    i’m smarter than everyone else because i’m not just an ordinary atheist, i’m a hypocritical “special” atheist who automatically points fingers at christians when religion is brought up. i don’t know anything about any of the other religions, but all christians are stupid because they aren’t intellectual atheists like me. i’m also way c00lz. i like to think of myself as a “liberal” because ALL christians are conservative rednecks like sarah palin who don’t believe in evolution or the big bang theory. and well i want to be different from all of those bigots (yay i hav such a g00d vocabulary and speling).

    i refuse to believe that most christians believe in both science and spirituality, but i don’t believe in spirituality because i’ve never seen it! derefore i am going to complain about how christians put their beliefs on me, and put my beliefs on them by leaving comments similar to da above!


    now who wants to go play some smart people video games and be c00l? LAWLsk33$

    • I is a christian Says:

      Shut the fuck up. Your precious Darwin almost became a preist, I hate people like you that use their lack of a religion to make fun of people who have found somthing to believe, I respect people like my friend, he is atheist but respects religous people.

      • anthony Says:

        Bitch F U! Its people like you that push religion on us! God forbid that we declare to be atheist in public because everyone turns… see you made me use the G word.

  23. Afghanistani atheist Says:

    uh oh ya i’m an atheist by the way

    i just wanted everyone to know that so i could look cool and all (you know how it is)

  24. 2nd Closest thing to Jesus Says:

    lol that atheist cartoon is a lot like me… pretty accurate, you don’t want to know what my hands do. 😀

  25. tolerant atheist Says:


    Why do you always jump the gun, and start throwing out accusations? So far, on this comment thread, I have not seen a single atheist who has said anything negative about a Christian. They are just stating that they are atheists, and that they thought the cartoon was funny. If you ever paid attention to facts and reason, you might realize that the most mistrusted minority in America are atheists. Most of us are just living quiet lives, reading books other then the bible. So stop ranting about how we all complain about Christians. You are just making your religion look crazy and unintelligent….once again.

  26. mark Says:

    anybody ever notice how atheists are all drug addicts?

  27. mark Says:

    i meant how all drug addicts are atheists:)

    • Crucify yosef Says:

      Except for your mom, Rush Limbaugh. He’s a Xtian nozzle spanker, just like you. Oh, and don’t forget the pastors, preachers, priests, fathers and all other forms of immoral baby-rapers. Why do you think they call it ‘angel dust,’ son?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I think that its also pretty funny from a christian p.o.v. although i dont think all of are that extreme

  29. Yet Another Teen Atheist Says:

    I love you 🙂

  30. Minister of Information Says:

    Whom do you love? I hope it’s me! 🙂

  31. Anonymous Says:

    What I son’t Like is all the streio types on Atheist is that we dont care at all is one,but to the Dumb chritsion people that belive that well stop talking up to your self and listen you got a steriotype to! Everyone seems uncomfortable around you and you seem to chees. No one has to agree with me Its just my opion also to me you look stupid when you pray for something, but it never happends…

  32. Scott Says:

    I lol’d at the atheist one
    (Note: Im an atheist)

  33. Proud Atheist Says:

    I came here about to rip on whoever was posting that offensively stupid atheist picture only to find out that almost everyone here is thinking the same thing……kinda took the defiance out of me……..and I hate a speech ready and all….

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