Young Hillary Clinton

As we all know, Hillary Clinton has completely lost her mind. She cannot accept her loss, although apparently she will make some sort of concession on Saturday of this week.

Too late, dear. You had your chance to concede gracefully. But like your husband, you are an absolute egomaniac.

THis is how you will be remembered: Young Hillary Clinton.

It didn’t have to be this way, but you just can’t seem to face up to the fact that not everyone likes you.


2 Responses to “Young Hillary Clinton”

  1. Sphynx Says:

    It’s a hilarious video, undoubtedly. But it’s pretty messed up to say she should have quit a race where there was less than a 2% difference in the vote. Her staying in the race was always acceptable, what wasn’t acceptable was her sexist attitude, and the fueling of sexist claims by her supporters who, because of her, truly feel that she lost because she’s a female, and not because she’s Hillary Clinton, the 2-faced (20-faced actually) meglomaniac who was only interested in the presidency as an entitlement, a stepping stone, not as a platform for good. About 90% of women surveyed said they were voting for Hillary “Because it’s time to have a woman in office.” Not because of her stance on things, or her charisma, or her history. Because she had a different chromosome

    Admittedly, that’s no better than voting for Obama because he was half-black, but at least the Obama people surveyed replied to surveys with “Issues” not “Color” as being the primary reason they voted for him, meaning they at least realized they needed to either lie about the reason, or really had a reason. The women for Clinton were so blinded by their sexism that they didn’t even think that voting for her based on gender was something to be ashamed of, but rather that it was a GREAT reason to vote as they did.

  2. Shawn Says:

    I agree with your comments about sexism. Well put.

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