Palin’s Disastrous Speech

She’s still speaking, but this is a pretty bad speech. Her delivery is flat, her applause lines are not that great (with one or two exceptions) and she’s speaking a bunch of patriotic babble that doesn’t explain why she’s qualified to become Vice President. Indeed, the audience doesn’t seem to know when to applaud because her delivery is so god-awful.

She’s talking policies, but not about herself and her qualities and qualifications (beyond being a “hockey mom,” whatever that means.)

I honestly think this won’t go over well with the commentators when she’s done. It’s mostly fluff … even more so than is usual in a given political speech.

We’ll just have to see when it’s over.

OH, and I have a question: if McCain and Palin are basing their run on standing up against their own party, doesn’t that mean they are in the wrong party?


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