This Freaked Me Out!

Check out

–this site==

It’s freaky!

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7 Responses to “This Freaked Me Out!”

  1. lolarusa Says:

    Don’t freak out – the answer is always “u”.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Sorry to disagree, as we usually agree on everything, but I had answers with all sorts of symbols and it got all of them right! That’s why it was freaky! I had z, r, 1, l, and o (I think) and it got them all!

  3. lolarusa Says:

    That is strange, because I did it again and again, and it was always “U”. Did you reload the page between tries?

  4. lolarusa Says:

    Try just doing it in your head, trying different numbers and looking to see what symbol it corresponds to, without reloading the page at all. It probably rotates the symbol when the page reloads.

  5. Shawn Says:

    Just tried it again, with different results than U. And it worked! That’s why it’s driving me crazy!

  6. Shawn Says:

    All I’m doing is clicking on “TRy Again” and I’ve gotten different results

  7. lolarusa Says:

    Right. Don’t click on “Try Again”. Don’t click on anything. Just choose a number, do the calculation, check what symbol it corresponds to visually (without entering it on the page or clicking anything), then choose another number, do the calculation, and check what symbol that corresponds to – you’ll find that one symbol will correspond to any number you choose, provided the page is not reloaded.

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