Thatcher On 2,000 Year Old Coin

In a remarkable discovery near Grantham, England (the hometown of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher), a local man uncovered a coin more than 2,000 years old that bears a portrait strikingly similar to Thatcher.

An excerpt from the Grantham Journal:

Thursday, 2pm – AN Iron Age coin depicting a warrior leader bearing an uncanny likeness to Grantham-born former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been found just a few miles from her birth place.

Metal detectorist David Baker was searching a muddy field near Grantham when he uncovered the 2,000-year-old silver coin.

On one side was the head of a tribal leader or goddess that looked just like Margaret Thatcher.

On its reverse was a celtic armed war horse – imagery associated with Lady Thatcher during her 1980s pomp.

And here’s the coin …

And here’s Thatcher …


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