Food For Thought

This is making the rounds on email, and it makes some excellent points (especially the PS)…

Food for thought….

* What if John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review?

* What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating

* What if McCain were still married to the first woman he said ‘I do’ to?

* What if Obama were the candidate who left his first wife?

* What if Michelle Obama were a wife who not only became addicted to pain
killers, but acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?

* What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard?

Educational Background:


Columbia University – B.A. Political Science with a Specialization in International

Harvard – Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude


University of Delaware – B.A. in History and B.A. in Political Science.

Syracuse University College of Law – Juris Doctor (J.D.)



United States Naval Academy – Class rank: 894 of 899


Hawaii Pacific University – 1 semester

North Idaho College – 2 semesters – general study

University of Idaho – 2 semesters -journalism

Matanuska-Susitna College – 1 semester

University of Idaho – 3 semesters – B.A. in Journalism

Now, which team are you going to hire with America facing historic debt
levels, 2 wars, failing health care, a weakened dollar, all-time high prison
population, mortgage crises, bank foreclosures, etc ?

This is what racism does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes positive
qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative qualities in another
when there is a color difference.

You are ‘The Boss’… which team would
you hire?

PS: What if Barack Obama had an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter….


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