Keep Up On The Bad News

For the last few weeks, I have literally been unable to keep up with all of the bad news that continually emanates from the McCain/Palin campaign. There is so much that I wish I could post, but I would have to give up my teaching and become a full-time poster.

I know, however, that you are hungry for political news, as the election is now only 13 days away! So here are the sites I read every day:

#1. Taggen Goddard’s Political Wire

#2. CNN Political Ticker

#3. AmericaBlog

#4. The Huffington Post (skews liberal)

#5. My Direct Democracy

#6. RealClear Politics (tends to skew conservative/Republican)

–This site is relative new (since March of this year). In that short time it has become the premier polling data website. The founder, Nate Sullivan, apparently worked out a formula on how to properly weight many different local and national polls. This is truly a wonderful site, although it can be a bit overwhelming when you first check it out.

#8. — an old favorite!

I hope you find these useful!


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