Alleged Assault Clearly A Hoax

A race-baiting McCain campaign volunteer charged yesterday that she was assaulted at an ATM on a busy Philadelphia street by a black mugger. After reporting the assault, she then claimed that her attacker became enraged when he spotted her McCain bumper sticker and assaulted her again, this time carving a — backwards?? — letter B in her cheek. [can you say “mirror”? can you say Morton Downey, Jr.?]

Then, just today, she charged that he also sexually assaulted her, something which she failed to mention yesterday — when SHE TWITTERED ABOUT THE MUGGING ON HER WAY HOME! [via the Smoking Gun]

Due to the overwhelming number of inconsistencies, Philadelphia police asked the volunteer to take a polygraph test, but they have not released the findings.

This is certainly a mark of the utter desperation of the Republicans — or a young woman’s cry for help. Either way, it’s sad.

You can read more about it •••at Wonkette•••, that wonderfully funny D.C. blog!

POLL: Is this assault a hoax?


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