Adult, Manchild, Manchild, Adult

As our creaking empire slumps towards inevitable collapse, it is now time for we Americans to recognize one (of many) awful truths:

We have not had an adult in the White House since January 20th, 1993. On that day, former President George H. W. Bush (sadly, the father of our current manchild-in-chief) handed over the nation to manchild-in-chief William Jefferson Clinton. That marked the end of an adult in the White House for next sixteen years.

Two successive presidents, each with two terms, each an emotional stunted manchild.

Consider Bill Clinton: a massive egoist who at every opportunity does all he can to assure the metaphorical spotlight falls only on himself; and inveterate liar and constant cheat; a man who holds nothing but his own whims as his central concern and reason for action.

Consider George W. Bush: a half-education ruffian; a coke-addled drunkard who somehow managed to become more obnoxious when sober; a man with no sense of history and yet a staunch sense of his own rightness; a man who swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and yet insisted that it was nothing more than a “goddamned piece of paper” while he tore into our civil liberties and our civil rights at the behest of men like Dick Cheney; a man who threw away the lives of thousands of Americans on a lie.

These two men represent the worse of their generation, although certainly Bush more than Clinton.

And now, in the wake of this month’s presidential election, we have a restoration of adulthood to the Oval Office.

President-elect Obama is not Jesus Christ. He may prove anything from a great president, to an adequate one, to a failure [although unless the world is incinerated in a nuclear holocaust, he cannot possible fail worse than President Bush]. But he radiates confidence, and a certain wisdom, and level-headedness not seen since President George H. W. Bush. This we should welcome, no matter our political party or leanings.

Here for your education is his latest address:


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