The Ice Storm From Hell

So last night, my (current) hometown suffered through a terrible ice-storm. I had great difficulty falling asleep, as I listened to trees and sheets of ice fall all around the house. It was rather frightful, to be honest.

When I did sleep, I had a horrible nightmare about … you guessed it … a terrible ice-storm! I even dreamed that an aeroplane (yes, that’s the British spelling, I’ve decided to be more British in my affectation) crash-landed in my living room.

Naturally, we were without power and heat for the whole night and into the morning.

Still are, as far as I know.

Here are some pictures of the devastation:
#1. Behind the house. A gigantic tree limb shattered part of the deck.

#2. Looking down one part of the street:


#3. Looking down another part of the street:

#4. The house across the street:

Both I and one of my roommates had the option to go to our mother’s house. My poor landlord — a very excellent bloke (another British affection there) — had to go to a hotel!


2 Responses to “The Ice Storm From Hell”

  1. JonC Says:

    Wow! I’m in San Fran for travel but I missed quite a storm in VT and MA. We mostly had snow in VT, 12″ I’m glad you had a safe haven and made it safely out of there. Cheers — J

  2. lolarusa Says:

    Harrowing. That’s how my mother lost her peach tree, which I still miss.

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