Sarah Palin Blames Everyone But Herself


2 Responses to “Sarah Palin Blames Everyone But Herself”

  1. elle evers Says:

    She does not have the curiosity, analytical or critical thinking skills that people of higher intellegence have. I cannot even imagine her being governor of a state such as NY, NJ, PA, DC, to name a few. It is extremely difficult to admit that one does not have the requisite intelligence to take on a particular role in life. Unfortunately, being a mature individual allows one to come to that conclusion. She has demonstrated a disturbing lack of maturity during the campaign and if anyone really cares about her or this country, they will advise her to run her state to the best of her ability and be satisfied with doing that job well.

  2. elle evers Says:

    Also, Couric is not the center of the universe, and neither is Palin – is she aware of that fact?

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