An Interesting Debate

Tonight, for no reason in particular, I viewed the 1983 television movie “The Day After,” about the events of a fictional nuclear war.

I well remember viewing this film on television that very year, and I even remember being warned by my junior high school history teacher (whose name escapes me at the moment) about the graphic nature of the film.

I also remember stocking the “apple cellar” in the house I grew up in with water jugs, all with the approval of my father.

This video is part one of the ABCNews conversation, chaired by Ted Kopple, that followed the film. I think it is very interesting.

So … do you remember this movie?


2 Responses to “An Interesting Debate”

  1. JonC Says:

    This was a huge event for us at the time. Everybody in elementary school was talking about it as I’m sure you recall.

    But I skipped it. I understood that total nuclear annihilation was (and still is) a possibility but I had no reason to watch it happen on TV. Just no point in it, in my opinion, other than to give me nightmares…

    Jr. High History, huh? I don’t remember history in Jr. High but I remember Mr. Dunlap (bumslap?) in Social Studies.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Yes, that’s it! Mr. Dunlop — and I guess it was “social studies” and not history.

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