Picture Fun – 7 March 2009 – Spring Break Edition

As a college professor (in history, if you are wondering) I am lucky enough to get a “spring break.” I have lots to do, but it will be nice to work from home next week (on an article that will be published this fall in the Journal of Massachusetts History, as it happens). Thus I thought it might be a good time for some picture fun!

I will, however, share with you what I always tell my students before any school break: enjoy yourselves, but remember that there are hundreds of thousands of young men and women now serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they don’t get a spring break. They were sent there by our elected leaders, and we should all hope that they are home safe and sound very soon, where to my mind they belong. This I pray every night.

Oh, and on a different topic: I have been posting some great stuff over at Daily Crazy Video! Enjoy!



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