Amerida [UPDATED]

This is another SNL parody that I remembered from the late 1980s. It is making fun of the ABC mini-series “Amerika,” which concerned a Soviet take-over of the US. That mini-series was a response to the 1983 mini-series “The Day After,” about a nuclear war.

Enjoy! (Oh, and it stars the late, great Phil Hartman!)

BONUS! Here’s the trailer for the original miniseries. God I love it! So patriotic! So 1980s!


One Response to “Amerida [UPDATED]”

  1. VJR Says:

    I just wanted to mention that The Day After was a movie, not a mini-series. Amerika, however, was a mini-series. Both were on ABC. “Amerida” was hilarious, eh?… and Googling it is how I found this blog.

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