Conservative Path of Destruction

A great article. Here’s an excerpt, but definitely read the whole thing. It says so much of what I want to say.

Philadelphia Progressive Examiner: How Conservatism has destroyed America

The mismanagement that is so often laid at the feet of The Bush Administration is not the work of an incompetent president or a few, ” bad apples.” The mismanagement of government and the Culture of Incompetence it has spawned is the triumph of the Conservative philosophy of government.

The Conservative movement has created the image that selfishness is self sufficiency, That weaklings and Communists believe in bonds of community and common purpose and that your willingness to sell your own mother for profit isn’t absolute greed, but a scientific principle called the Free Market.

Conservatives like Limbaugh, Hannity, Dick Cheney and others have supported torture and stated that empathy should disqualify someone from the Supreme Court. They have worked for thirty years since Ronald Reagan, the first cue card reader, was president, to shred the social fabric of this nation and as our economic crisis would indicate have possibly permanently succeeded.

The typical Conservative believes that there is no public interest, only self interest. They declare war on Middle Class workers, and are not so much in tune with fundamentalist Christians as they are fundamentalist true believers in the religion of Free Markets. For years we have imported more and more, put up our infrastructure for sale to other nations( witness the privatization of the Indiana Toll road and what a debacle for Indiana that was ) and made an offering of Middle Class America’s jobs on the alter of globalization . In fact about the only thing we really export anymore are our good paying jobs.

Far from fiscally responsible, the credit card they invented to loan Middle Class America what they stole by outsourcing and union busting from our paychecks, they also used with the federal government to pile up enormous debt. This was done on purpose so there would be no money for social programs such as the public school system, roads, bridges, sewer systems. and clean drinking water supplies.

Conservatives talk about family values, then proceed to pursue economic policies that force men and women to compete for jobs. They devalue work to the point that it takes a couple sharing almost three jobs between them just to make ends meet. Then Conservatives demonize the women for not staying home with the children, criticize families for not spending more time together, and blaming the collapse of marriage on Gays not their selfish greedy economic policies.

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