The Secret GOP Sex Diary [UPDATED]

Once again, the cult at the C Street residence rears it ugly head. This group is really scary, as it holds that elected officials are chosen by God, and not by the voters, so they are not accountable to the people. They are, according to their leader, above morality. And apparently so… as three members have now been outed as adulterers. I wonder what else goes on there?

An excerpt from the Daily Beast:

The Secret GOP Sex Diary
by Max Blumenthal

Hot on the heels of the Sanford and Ensign scandals comes the adulterous tale of Chip Pickering. Max Blumenthal on why Republicans don’t want the former congressman’s diary released.

While former Rep. Chip Pickering of Mississippi allegedly carried on an extramarital affair with Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd, he recorded details of his exploits in a secret diary, including the dates and locations of his adulterous encounters.

Pickering, a Republican, described several assignations he had with Creekmore Byrd inside the C Street House, a Capitol Hill townhouse inhabited by an all-male group of right-wing Republican congressmen belonging to The Fellowship, an evangelical group.

And according to a divorce filing by Pickering’s estranged wife, Leisha, the former congressman’s diary reveals the identities of several men who enabled his adulterous trysts and helped him cover his tracks.

According to a divorce filing, Pickering’s diary reveals the identities of several men who enabled his adulterous trysts and helped him cover his tracks.So who were Pickering’s enablers? Are they or were they ever C Street House residents? And what role did they play, if any, in helping Pickering transform a house that hosted a “Christian men’s accountability group” into his love nest?

But keeping the affair out of the media spotlight has proved difficult, especially because the identity of the alleged mistress brought forth another embarrassing detail: Pickering had taken his golden parachute from the mistress’ well-heeled and politically influential family, the Creekmores, going to work as a lobbyist for a firm that represents their Cellular South telecom company (one of Barbour’s nephews is a partner at the firm).

While in Congress, Pickering used his post on the House Telecommunications Subcommittee to invite Cellular South President Victor Meena to testify before the subcommittee in December 2007. Subsequently, the congressman reaped thousands of dollars in donations from numerous Cellular South executives.

Though Pickering is now out of Congress, the suppression of the diary is a high priority for Republican Party leaders from Washington to Mississippi. The GOP is reeling from sex scandals involving two men associated with the C Street House, Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Senator John Ensign of Nevada. The revelation of private emails between Sanford and his Argentine mistress and the exposure of payments from Ensign’s casino-mogul parents to his mistress prolonged the back-to-back public-relations disasters for weeks beyond the first reports of the affairs.

The release of Pickering’s diary would likely have an electrifying effect, reigniting media interest in his dalliance and drawing renewed attention to the C Street evangelical men’s group to which he and other Republican lawmakers have belonged.

The Secret GOP Sex Diary – Page 1 – The Daily Beast

[UPDATE] From reader Mike, it’s the C-Street Vacation Bible School!


3 Responses to “The Secret GOP Sex Diary [UPDATED]”

  1. Mike Licht Says:

    The Congressional Recess is coming. Don’t forget to sign up for the Fellowship’s Vacation Bible School.


  2. Minister of Information Says:

    that’s so great Mike, thanks for sharing it!

  3. Foto Bugil Says:

    Nice info, useful for my job.. thanks a lot… 🙂

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