The Worst Thing Every Said To Me

The worst thing that anyone ever said to me in my entire life (38 years and counting…) is this:

“I love everyone when I’m drunk.”

I cannot fully explain how this statement crushed me.

So tell me, faithful readers, what is the worst thing anyone ever said to you?


5 Responses to “The Worst Thing Every Said To Me”

  1. David Says:

    I once mentioned to my adviser a project I had been thinking of. He replied, “Yes, that’s something you can do.”


  2. JonC Says:

    I guess I’m lucky enough that the meanest things said about me were said behind my back. I did get some of those recounted to me later on, however. You were there, Shawn, for one Jr. High moment in particular. Funny, though, how much easier it is for me to remember mean things that I said than mean things that were said to me…

    — J

  3. Minister of Information Says:

    I don’t remember the JR High one. I’m guessing that’s just as well! 🙂

  4. JonC Says:

    Had to do with a girl being absolutely horrified that I asked her to a dance and then recounting that to you and others in an art class, I think…

  5. Minister of Information Says:

    Oh, that. I had forgotten all about that b–ch! You got the last laugh, though … Kathleen is a 1,000% more beautiful! 🙂

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