Ways to Know You Listen to Sean Hannity

I found this on the web. There are 35 entries, so check them out!

An excerpt:

35 clues that you listen to Sean Hannity

1) you believe in “limited government”…
but have no problem with public employees ordering the torture of people to death half way around the world.

2) you believe in “personal responsibility”…
but think if you repeat John 3:16 often enough that somehow torturing a man to death 2000 years ago and washing yourself in his blood will miraculously absolve your responsibility for the sins you continue to commit.

3) you believe in the “rule of law”…
unless some new spooky villain comes along and threatens you. then the government can do whatever it wants to make you feel all safe and warm and cozy again.

4) you believe in the constitution…
but think the only part worth defending is the second amendment, and so long as you have a permit and do it a “free speech zone”

5) you believe in “freedom” …
but won’t hesitate to stoke a mob mentality and use tyranny of the majority in the name of “protecting families”

6) you believe in “states rights”…
but go running to the feds demanding marriage laws when more enlightened states decide to recognize gay marriage.

7) you believe “affirmative action” promotes lesser qualified candidates…
but think clarence thomas got to the supreme court on his merit alone.

8) you call yourself “pro-life”…
but believe in the death penalty and support the wars of imperialist aggression that the USA wages around the world.

9) you believe in “free-market solutions” for health care…
yet complain loudly when organized labor is able to negotiate better health benefits than the crappy health insurance your family got stuck with.


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