Days of Silence

I haven’t posted or written much lately, and for that I apologize.

I find myself so overwhelmed with all of the problems our nation faces in these troubled days that I literally don’t know what to say. And now, the bigot and proto-Fascist Scott Brown is poised to win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat tomorrow. I find this greatly distressing; even inexplicable. How can anyone, let alone my fellow citizens of Massachusetts, elect a Republican, considering that party’s record in the last sixteen years?

The Republican Party has destroyed this country. They have driven it right into the ground. Their leaders have looted the treasury, trampled on our civil liberties and spat on the Constitution. They routinely use fear and intimidation, ignore reality, and play on racism. And now they will (likely) be rewarded for all of that? I will never understand.

God I’m sick to my stomach all the time now.


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