The Greatest Political Evisceration of All Time

The video of President Obama addressing a Republican conference released today is, in my estimation as a historian, the greatest piece of political theater I have ever seen. The President calmly, coolly, sometimes feistily, factually eviscerated the questioners one by one. Even Republican staffers claimed it was a mistake to allow the cameras in the room. This follows on the heels of his magnificent State of the Union Address.

I have never been more proud of the President, or more proud of myself for voting for him.

It also make plain that the United States should adopt Prime Minister’s Question Time as used in Canada, Great Britain, and other parliamentary democracies. Every President should have to face questions from all parties in Congress every week for an hour. (Can you imagine George W. Bush doing that? He’d have been forced to resign after the first one!)

Salon has a great article about the entire performance.


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