Dimwit Palin Reads Answers Written on Her Palm

An excerpt from ••here••:

She spent a while attempting to mock the Real President for using a teleprompter, which earned her derision and scorn even from her fans on twitter. Why, you ask, would a Palin fan not enjoy a good dash of mock and awe? Perhaps because Herself was reading off of notes for the entire speech….which only served to give us a gander at the odd poof of hair attached to her real hair. Not sure what’s going on there– maybe that’s “Real America” hair?

But that wasn’t the low point. The Vintage Palin moment occurred when she sat down to answer questions, which apparently had been pre-screened. So, she had a chance to study up prior to this moment.

And yet, she actually consulted notes scrawled on her hand while fishing around for the answer. As in, a handprompter. Leave it to Sarah.


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