**NOTE: The date should be 1935.


Teabaggers Can’t Articulate Why They Hate Obama

I’m guessing because they wanted to avoid calling him a “n-gger.”


Cruel Teabaggers Taunt Man With Parkinson’s Disease

The man tossing the dollar bills now says he’s sorry … but perhaps only because of the reaction against his cruelty. This is what happens to ordinary people when overheated rhetoric becomes the norm.

Sen. Bunning Is Angry: ‘Excuse Me!’

Gigantic asshole Senator Jim Bunning (R), who recently filibustered the extension of jobless benefits and caused 2,000 federal employees to go on furlough refused to answer ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl’s questions.

Here’s the video:

Sen. Bunning Is Angry: ‘Excuse Me!’ – ABC News.

Paranoid Cult’s Leaked Video

A leaked Scientology video trying to pump up the “faithful” (read: idiotic sheep) for “planetary clearing.” These people have to be stopped.

There’s a Republican For That

I love this video!

Republicans Using Their Old Playbook