It’s Time To Start Over

Let’s face it. The party’s over for the United States. We need to start over.

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It will start small. A protest somewhere about something gets out of hand. The police press in too closely, or the demonstrators shout insults at the police. Soon out come the truncheons. Then the tear-gas. Then a bullet. A single bullet with a single fatality. The protest becomes a riot. Images of police brutality captured by a hundred cellphones splash across the screens of the lacksidasical press who are about to discover protest equals profits.

Democrats call for justice. Republicans call for order. Tea Partiers call it tyranny.

An angry left abandons the President. The bitter Tea Partiers split the Republicans. The Tea Party partiers paralyze the government in the name of paralyzing tyranny. The Rump Republicans split again, driving out the last of the moderates. The Democrats gain only more fissure in a party now too big for any tent.

The defaults begin. Cities and states reach a point at which papering over the deficits is no longer possible. Services grind to a halt. The middle class suddenly realizes how much of their lives are dependent on government programs, and suddenly understand the plight of the poor. Spending grinds to a halt and foreclosures continue to rise. Evictions. Job loss. Starvation.

The protests grow larger and angrier. There is no common target, no common platform, no common grasp of a solution. Rocks are thrown. Molotovs. Crowds fire back.

Democrats call for justice. Republicans call for order. Tea Partiers call it tyranny.

No one thinks to call it off.


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**NOTE: The date should be 1935.

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